There is nothing that replaces the human touch, a kind voice, or a genuine smile. Our sitters provide the opportunity for a social outlet and what is often the difference between a healthy functioning senior and a senior who is failing to thrive. 

Personal Care


Chronic illness, or sometimes, an acute illness can leave seniors in need of some assistance with their activities of daily living. Our caregivers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help make this shift from independence a little easier. 

Light Housekeeping


Sometimes you just need a hand doing the everyday necessities. Allow our caregivers to assist you in getting things done instead of letting it overwhelm your mind. 

Assistance during hospital stays


Being hospitalized presents many challenges. Attempting to keep up with responsibilities outside of the hospital can be challenging, whether you are the patient or a loved one. Sometimes, there is a greater peace of mind knowing that your loved one has a caring individual at their bedside all the time. 

Caregivers with expertise in Dementia Care


We are proud to take the extra step of ensuring that our caregivers get the latest information in dementia caregiving. Quality of life is everything for anyone with chronic illness. Dementia presents unique challenges that we prepare our caregivers to address more effectively. 



Q: Is there a minimum amount of time I can hire help for? 

A: We can place caregivers/sitters with a four hour minimum time span. 

Q: How much in advance do I need to request a sitter?

A: While it is made easier with notice well in advance, we make every attempt to provide available staff or refer you to outside resources who might be able to assist you in the event that we are unable.