Divine Intervention Visits

Divine Intervention is what we all hope for in troubling times! It is our goal to provide staff who can walk into the home of your loved one and detect situations that may require swift intervention. 

WHO might need these types of visits?

Homebound seniors who live alone are the most obvious people who can benefit from this program. However, it is certainly not limited to just those people.

WHAT takes place during a visit?

A care associate will make a visit to the home and observe not only the client, but the environment as well. Changes from a client's baseline status, including their cognitive status, will trigger a notification to loved ones that something is "off".

Clients also benefit from these visits by having someone available to them for up to an hour to assist with any light chores.

WHEN do these visits take place?

Divine Intervention visits can be scheduled to your preference. We will arrange for a care associate to visit the desired number of times monthly. Visits can be pre-arranged with clients or impromptu visits in cases where they may be beneficial. 

HOW do I set up Divine Intervention visits?

Call us and let us evaluate your situation. We can make recommendations and explore many options which allow for your loved one to have that "extra pair of eyes" available to ensure that things are okay.