“Keeping Seniors Social” Calls Program

 Loss of independence is probably the most significant issue that accompanies advanced age. Losing the ability to drive, for whatever reason, all too often leads to social isolation, depression, and loneliness. For their loved ones, it may mean wondering if everything is okay with their loved one who is at home alone. Our Keeping Seniors Social calls program enables your loved one to receive a phone call each day. This ensures that there is human contact and a concerned person available to listen and to initiate any help that might be warranted. Calls are scheduled in advance and times are chosen by the person who receives it. It might even serve the dual purpose of ensuring that medicine has been taken. Any concerns prompted by no answer, or the perception of significant change by our staff, can initiate an alert to their loved ones, or, notification of their local law enforcement to request a welfare visit to the home. This service is available 365 days a year, anywhere in the US. This can also be a great solution for caregiving families who will be out of pocket/on vacation temporarily. There are no contracts to sign!