Divine Interevention Program

Divine Intervention Program

Keeping seniors connected with others increases the chance for someone to notice change. Our trained professionals closely observe for frequently overlooked clues that can precipitate prevention or more serious situations. With regular visits to the client’s home, it is quickly apparent to us when there is something “different” or concerning going on. We pride ourselves  on assisting clients and families in exploring options and finding situations that enable people to remain safe and as independent as possible in their own home.

  • Divine Intervention is designed for our local senior population who may be living at home alone.
  • Visits to the home by our trained staff are a valuable source of information about the every-day activity of the client.
  • Any alert to unusual or unsafe conditions can be a life-threatening or life-altering situation.
  • Loved ones have a greater opportunity for early intervention when it is indicated.



Q: Are you a home health agency?

A: No. PNS is a private pay company. providing care management services in the home.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: No contract is required.

Q: Does the client have to live alone?

A: No. There are ALWAYS exceptions.

Q: Do you have emergency services?

A: We are not an emergency service provider. If there is an urgent situation, it is always best to call 911

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